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Forget about accommodation, you are in the experience market.

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Forget about accommodation, you are in the experience market.

Airbnb is probably the best example of how the sharing economy is more than just an ideology, it’s a necessity in order to face recent economical challenges. This can be approached from both angles of what seems a very traditional transaction: The host has a new revenue stream that can help with the expenses of everyday life and the guest can have a short stay in a place of their choosing at nearly one third of the price they would spend on a hotel. Another way to look at it is as a great opportunity to democratize experiences that were far to reach for a huge percentage of the world population. Even though we are seeing indicators of a damaged economy, the travel market is at an all-time high. This is because new generations have adapted to these shifts in creative ways that put their priorities in order, with experience overcoming wealth in every single category. 

As the market for homestays and short-term rentals grows, the importance of reviews in the potential guest’s decision is paramount. Sure, you always answer in a jiff, you never cancel, you price your spot the right way, you’ve heard how important high quality pictures are, as well as keeping your place tidy, and you never forget to keep the kitchen and linens stocked; but everyone has read that “Superhost” blog, it’s time for a game changer, it’s time to talk about turning your accommodation into the experience guests are hoping to rent.

Show them the lifestyle

One of the main reasons people prefer homestays to hotels is that they can have a feel for the destination’s lifestyle. Whether it’s that eclectic Lower East Side vibe, an earthy feel in the Upper Haight or a spirited stay on Venice Beach, people want to get a whiff, and maybe a couple of instagram stories, of how magical life is in these places. From highlighting architectural details and playing the right colors to the magazines on the coffee table, if you give your guests an unforgettable lifestyle experience they will be sure to reward you with that extra star you were pushing to get.


Trendy Vs Traditional

Choose the type of experience you want for your guests and decorate accordingly. A lot of people are actually looking for that traditional spot that might be the perfect weekend adventure, away from technology and their comfortable couch. If your spot is located in the middle of an old neighbourhood, you could guess that someone who is visiting doesn’t want to feel like they went to the exact same place they’re coming from. Then again, if you are in the hip area of a cosmopolitan city you might want to trend your place up with the right mid century modern touch. You could even spice it up with different styles for different rooms. What you don’t want to do is have that gigantic hand-me-down barcalounger no one in your family wanted messing up your Feng Shui. 


No Fraterniture

Yes, we are making up words so that you don’t cramp your style with made up furniture, dude. It was okay when you were in college and used cringy outdoor chairs for the surfboard kitchen table and placed your computer on your tupperware dresser, but that is unacceptable when it comes to hospitality. Remember that people are looking for an experience, and no, we’re not talking about losing their virginity on a creaky futon. A stylish room with a comfortable bed and matching nightstands is more likely to get you that extra star you needed to pass your Airbnb midterm. If knowing trendy bars is one of your superpowers, the right recommendation to your guests can also help, just remember that there are guests who may prefer you to be hands-off.


The odd spot

Every town has that spot where a famous musician or athlete once did or said something important, a park where two actors fell in love while having a stroll, or maybe just that restaurant the town’s favorite poet used to frequent. Let your guests know that it’s close by and maybe even have one of their books or records out on display in your living room. Sure, it might seem cliché to you and your friends, but for your guests it could be the story they excitingly tell when they go back home and refer your spot to their friends and family. 


There are so many people going into the hospitality business that it’s no longer enough to just cover the basics, you have to get truly creative if you want your place to stand out. Remember that people are looking to get away from their lifestyles and want to dive into yours, so it’s your job to make it interesting. Invest in your experience offer and you will get better reviews. Get better reviews and you will get more bookings. 

At Vivible we can help you make your space unique. And if you have an original idea for that piece that’s going to make your spot experience-worthy don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’ll get it from concept to accenting your place in no time.

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