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Housing Color Trends for 2020

Posted by Vivible Team on

Housing Color Trends for 2020

A great housing experience starts with color, the impact that it has on our psyche is undeniable. That’s why we decided to break down the Color Forecast from Sherwin-Williams for this coming 2020 trends.

According to Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, the general look & feel is about joy and serenity, quieting down the noise that surrounds big cities and contemporary busy environments. The challenges of a new decade, with rapidly growing new living trends, are upon us and we need to face them through calm, inspired balance and beauty.

The forecast divides 2020 housing color trends into five balanced themes with 45 colors that evoke joy, serenity and focus for the mind, body and spirit. 


This palette takes its influence from japanese minimalism and scandinavian design. “With softly muted neutrals that glide from warm to cool, it embraces all that is simple yet utterly essential.” If your guests are looking for calm, relaxation, meditation and balance after a hard day in the city, Mantra might just be what you need for those common spaces.

Photo and pallet courtesy of Sherwin-Williams.


Alive is all about community and nurturing. It’s deep dark hues remind us of fruits and vegetables, the need for balancing what we put in our bodies and our minds. In Wadden’s words "being thoughtful, being with family, getting together, and the idea of nurturing home life." Make your guests feel inspired to gather around a table and share meaningful stories.

Photo and pallet courtesy of Sherwin-Williams.


Comfort, meditation and connection to our own humanity is at the heart of this theme. This silky and smooth theme uses neutral tones, from dark clove to soothing coconut contrasts, well paired for that diverse style furniture mix and warm, down to earth finishes. “It’s a unique fusion of iconic modern design mixed with an intergenerational boho vibe.” Inspire your guests with a warm yet sassy bohemian aura. 

Photo and pallet courtesy of Sherwin-Williams.


Why so serious? Sometimes you just need to be a little bold and playful. Play is for those that don’t take themselves too seriously and like a clean yet colorful and vibrant look. “Its mission is to add humor and warmth to all it touches — and to help us recall that deep down, we’re still kids who love to play.” Make your guests feel like they’re back home, when they were little and could just play for hours and forget about stress.

Photo and pallet courtesy of Sherwin-Williams.


Sea, sand, forest and sky. Natural elements are paramount in the Haven theme, designed to connect you with the primal colors and subtle beauty of Earth’s calm landscapes, harmony in muted tones that reminds us where we come from. “Like being welcomed home with open arms, this palette beckons to those seeking an oasis.” Wellness is an important part of modern living, make your spaces vibe with your guests’ lifestyles, always make them feel they have a place they can call home. 

Photo and pallet courtesy of Sherwin-Williams.

Are you inspired by these themes? Thinking about taking some of them for a ride in your next hospitality venture? Remember that here at Vivible we have all you need to make your spaces vibe the right way. And if we don’t have what you’re looking for already, our design team can help you bring your ideas to life, from custom design to white glove installation. Make your spaces Vivible. 

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