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THE FUTURE OF HOUSING: Sharing is the new having.

Posted by Vivible Team on

THE FUTURE OF HOUSING: Sharing is the new having.

Home ownership has been a sign of success for American culture for centuries, but things are changing due to economic and cultural shifts. Today’s generations adapt and start to embrace new ways of living and sharing spaces. These trends are sprouting all around big modern cities and seem to be here to stay: micro-living, shared living and co-living.

Millennials have been locked out from their parents dreams of owning a house, but an interesting phenomenon is happening at the side: the dream itself has also disappeared. Most millennials just don’t care about owning their own house and committing to one spot, they are adapting and actually enjoying diverse and new ways of living. This generation is all about sharing and caring for others, quickly adapting to the changes in the economy, environmental awareness and of course, the new housing wave.

But, what are these new ways of living and what can we expect from them? How can we adapt to them as markets, manufacturers, designers and service providers?


Self-contained smaller homes encapsulating a diverse range of global terms including micro, nano, tiny and compact.

Micro Living


Purpose-built, managed developments often in the form of cluster rooms that include a combination of personal and shared amenity space.



Converted or subdivided houses / HMOs (House in Multiple Occupation) or historic forms of sharing such as dormitories or old-style student halls of residence.

Shared Living

If you’re a housing provider, furniture manufacturer or any kind of housing service provider, you’ll need to adapt to these new trends, and we have some points of interest that may bring you vital insight:

  • Sharing is the new having.
  • It’s more than just a price or space thing, it’s about community building.
  • It’s not a “housing or hotel” option anymore, the lines are completely blurred.
  • Convenience is the most sought upon value of contemporary housing options.
  • Modern borderless tribalism is actually a thing, a tangible recent phenomenon.
  • Eclectic and experimental styles are welcome, instead of actively rejected in the past.
  • Generic designs targeting “most people” are frowned upon and just plain boring, uniqueness and personality driven looks are on high demand.
  • Having great experiences and constant joys are more important than hoarding money or getting access to luxurious “goods”.
  • People are motivated to connect and find other people with common interests.
  • You won’t be developing real estate anymore, you will be managing communities.
  • It’s the little details that make something worthwhile.
  • Big empty spaces are seen as sumptuous, unnecessary and spoiled.
  • Functionality and simple beauty over lavish or luxurious approaches.
  • Environmentally friendly and tech-driven solutions must be at the heart of housing, manufacturing, design, planning, delivery and growth.

Tides are turning. If you have already invested or you’re looking to invest on a new housing venture, we invite you to get to know the vivible.co experience, we’ll help you hop on some of these new trends and ideas that are definitely shaping the way we live.

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