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Vivible Manifesto

Posted by Vivible Team on

Vivible Manifesto

Vivible is here to bring furniture into modern living.


We’re putting focus back on people in a rapid shift in the housing market, providing furnishing solutions that adapt to new needs and experiences.

Co-living and short-stay rentals are just the beginning of how our society is reshaping living in today’s large, modern cities. Vivible is a tech-enabled solution focused on giving personality to furniture and home decor, providing innovative hospitality brands the freedom to customize pieces that speak to their personality, accommodating this new age of living.

Vivible is inspired by real people and real moments.

We believe that this new way of living is a great path to gaining back a long lost sense of community in our society. We believe rooms have personalities and vibes, and that these can both be shaped and embellished to give life to meaningful experiences.

We are committed to providing you with quality furniture for the quality time your guests deserve, giving you creative freedom, seamlessly. We’re building a platform that empowers us to achieve our main goal: To help you make their short-term stays long-term memories.  

At Vivible we love making homes, that's why we're committed to protecting the one we all share: our planet. We only have one, and we think it’s pretty great. We treat sustainability as a top priority, adopting sustainable principles on all parts of the value chain. The result is furniture that celebrates natural and honest materials. Nothing less than you and the planet deserve.

We want to inspire good times, laughs and memories. We want to inspire long lasting relationships. We want to inspire our generation and the ones to come to embrace this new way of building homes, communities and tribes. 

At Vivible we want to inspire living.

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