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12 Midcentury Bedroom Ideas You'll Want to Use

Posted by carlos escutia on

12 Midcentury Bedroom Ideas You'll Want to Use

There's been a major resurgence of midcentury aesthetics in recent years and it's showing no sign of slowing down. The style's ever-growing popularity makes complete sense, though: the airy, pared-back style of a midcentury design makes it a perfect complement to the exhale-inducing minimalism that continues to take over homes far and wide. And there might be no room better suited for this trend than the bedroom. The sleek simplicity of this style makes it an obvious choice for creating soothing boudoir vibes. Just take a look at the 12 stunning examples below.

1. Geometric and Cream-Colored Bedroom

Symmetrical midcentury bedroom with zig zag area rug
credit: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Patterned rugs and textured throws are a no-fail way to warm up this cool aesthetic.

2. It's All In the Wood Details Bedroom

Corner of bedroom with midcentury chair over small area rug
credit: Dwelling Decor

The minimalist construction of the midcentury era relied on wood. Pay homage to the period by showcasing your wood furniture throughout the space.

3. Playful Organic Shapes Bedroom

Bedroom featuring midcentury credenza and pom-pom throw blanket
credit: Homepolish

A few pom-poms will infuse this simple style with a touch of playfulness.

4. Geometric Minimalism Bedroom

Minimal midcentury bedroom with symmetrical side tables
credit: Almost Makes Perfect

Is there anything more satisfying than flawlessly-executed symmetry? No. No there's not.

5. Textural Layers Bedroom

Layered rugs in mid-century bedroom
credit: Wit and Delight

Cozy-up to layered rugs this season for instant feel-good vibes.

6. Midcentury Boho-Chic Bedroom

A bohemian meets midcentury bedroom with large kilim rug
credit: The Habitat

As you can see, boho-chic sensibilities and midcentury pieces are a match made in design heaven.

7. Bring The Outside In Bedroom

Simple midcentury bedroom with skylight and thinly-striped pillows and blanket
credit: Apartment Therapy

One common design element of this style, is to incorporate multiple views to the outdoors encouraging healthy living. Utilize all of the natural light you can get.

8. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall Bedroom

Midcentury bedroom with brown velvet throw pillows and circular mirror above the bed
credit: HGTV

Create the illusion of more space by installing an inviting round mirror above the bed.

9. Vintage Meets Modern Bedroom

White midcentury bedroom with twin wall sconces above the bed
credit: The Urbnite

Showcase your favorite vintage artwork or furniture piece with sophisticated subtlety using a pair of quiet wall sconces or a floor lamp.

10. Bold Pops of Color Bedroom

midcentury bedroom
credit: Amber Interiors

Don't be afraid to let pops of color bring more life to your midcentury design.

11. Functional Comfort Bedroom

Midcentury bedroom with long-legged bedframe and empty space underneath the bed
credit: Paper & Stitch

One common thread in midcentury design is light, open space. By maintaining open space beneath the furniture your bedroom will feel and look lighter and more open. Not to mention, maintaining open space beneath the bed is a longstanding feng shui technique which is thought to improve your bedroom's energy flow.

12. Symmetry Is Key Bedroom

White midcentury bedroom with matching side tables and black lamps
credit: Kristina Lynne

Turns out, a pair of midcentury side tables and matching lamps are all you need to make this style sing.

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