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About Us


We’re putting focus back on people in a rapid shift in the housing market, providing furnishing solutions that adapt to new needs and experiences.

Co-living and short-stay rentals are just the beginning of how our society is reshaping living in today’s large, modern cities. Vivible is a tech-enabled solution focused on giving personality to furniture and home decor, providing innovative hospitality brands the freedom to customize pieces that speak to their personality, accommodating this new age of living.


Our Story:

We are a highly diverse team composed of experienced entrepreneurs and problem solvers passionate about technology, real estate and interior design. 

We understand hospitality operations and improve old processes eliminating inefficient intermediaries and useless infrastructure through relentless technology innovation that adapt to present and ever-evolving needs.

We know that just as styles develop and interior narratives unfold, the same can be said of ever evolving design organizations looking toward the future. 


Our Values: 

 Open & Receptive

Diversity is written into our DNA. We are keen on hearing and incorporating different opinions and feedback, always trying to understand our customers and industry better. We push for full transparency and establishing a culture of trust.


 Adaptive & Dynamic

We understand the importance of being able to adapt quickly to the feedback we get from our clients. We believe in rapid iterative processes where we can learn and continuously improve to create the best user experience possible.


 Innovative & Thoughtful

We are always looking into ways we can use new technologies to deliver simple solutions to the big problems our clients face. As a tech company, we are always questioning the status quo and looking ahead. We believe we can make our clients lives better through ever evolving new and original solutions.


Our Furniture:

Made with love by the world´s best. 

Thoughtfully designed in Los Angeles and San Francisco, our products are responsibly manufactured by expert craftspeople around the globe, using only the finest materials. These partners possess unparalleled knowledge, work ethic and dedication to traditional and innovative craftsmanship. With methods rooted in generations past supported by innovative technology manufacturing innovation, they focus on responsibly and ethically producing quality home furniture and essentials. Our shared sense of accountability goes a long way towards making the world a more comfortable place for all.

Responsibly Sustainable.

We don´t turn a blind eye to the challenges our home is facing and we want to ensure that we are doing our part to correct the problem. As custodians of the planet, we are deeply committed to reducing our impact on the environment; supporting local communities, sourcing the highest quality natural materials and adopting sustainable principles on all parts of the value chain.